Mother’s Day is right around the corner (literally) and I’m sure a lot of us are stuck on what to get your mom for this very special day.  I actually did my shopping early and had it shipped out already.  My brothers are keeping my mother’s day gift hidden until Sunday, the plan is for my brothers to bring out our gift to her while we are on FaceTime with her.  We planned the same thing for my mother in law.  Even though we did our shopping early this year for them, it usually is a headache trying to figure out what to get them.  I mean there is always the typical Mothers Day flowers, or Edible Arrangements, or a gift card.  You can actually never go wrong with a gift card though in my opinion because that way they are free to purchase something they actually like or need.  So here are some of my gift ideas for this 2017 Mother’s Day.

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3 Things I Have Learned From Being A Young Mother


When I found out I was pregnant it was a huge surprise for everyone, including myself.  I was 21 years old, not married, and came from a very strict traditional home.  There were a lot of tears.  Tears of fear but also of happiness to know that there was someone living inside of me!  I will soon turn 29 and now have 2 kids.  It has been a tough journey full of good and bad.  I guess when I found out I was pregnant for the first time I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

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I hope everyone’s Easter Sunday was everything everyone wanted and more!  I know I was very excited to celebrate Easter Sunday although we didn’t have much planned.  All we wanted to do was just go to mass and go out to eat afterwards and just relax at home.  The day started off great.  We woke up early, ate breakfast, and we all were ready on time (that’s a first lol).  We even had time to take pictures before we left for church.  The whole family was color coordinated which is rare since my husband thinks its cheesy to do anything like that.  So of course I had to take advantage of that and get some pictures.

We headed out to church and knew it would be packed.  We decided to go to a different church then we normally go to because we attended this church last Easter and the service was amazing.  Plus it’s in a town called Mexicantown in Detroit and we were planning on eating out somewhere around that area after mass.

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My First Pair of Hunter Boots

It’s that time to start putting away all winter essentials for most of you.  Not for me though, I live in cold cold Michigan where winter isn’t completely over until around late March or early April.  I had already put my first pair of Hunter boots up because we had some warm weather however just yesterday we got around 3 inches of snow!  So I had to take them right out.   I swear these boots are the best boots I could have ever invested in.  I’m one to shop for things that are on sale or under $50 but these boots are well worth their price.

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My Mommy Shaming Experience

Some of the biggest things I have learned about being a mother is to enjoy the moments spent with my kids as much as I can and to not get angry or upset over the little things.  Of course it is still hard at times not to get angry or upset but I have been trying my best.  Little things such as getting mad over my daughter being messy or not wanting to clean up after herself or when my son makes a huge mess and dirties his whole outfit when eating.  After all I’m still going to have to end up cleaning the mess so why stress myself even more by getting upset and yelling.

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Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfits


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I’m sure most of us are going crazy looking for an outfit.  Of course we want to look our best right? I’ve picked some outfits that are perfect for that day and they are all super affordable because again, I shop on a budget and always try to keep my outfits under $50 (especially now living off of one sole income).  I love shopping at stores that are affordable such as H&M, Forever 21, Ross, Target, TJ Maxx, and online boutiques such as Fashion nova or Lulus.  Actually I will shop anywhere as long as it’s a good find at an affordable price.

Check out my Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfits and let me know what you think!

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Top Pinterest Snack Ideas for The Big Game

Hey guys!

The Big Game is almost here!  How exciting is that?  Well for me it is the best thing ever because I am a huge Falcons fan. I’m from Atlanta and I support all the Atlanta teams.  It’s actually so amazing that we have finally made it this far and I know we (by we I mean the Falcons) will do whatever it takes to take that win!  Ahhhhh I can see it already!  Anyway, back to the actual topic for this post.  The Big Game is a day to not only enjoy football but to have fun and to eat good!

Pinterest to me is one of the best things ever created.  You can go on Pinterest to look up literally anything and everything.  I mainly use Pinterest to look up food recipes and so I have narrowed down my top 5 snack and/or appetizer ideas for the Big Game.  I have tried all of these snacks or appetizers and let me tell you they are all delicious and perfect for the occasion.  Let me know if you have tried any of these already or what other food ideas or recipes you have planned for the Big Game this upcoming Sunday.



  1.  BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP from Bombshell Bling:  I had an ex coworker that tried this recipe a few years back and that is how I found out about it.  Instead of using canned chicken though she used Rotisserie Chicken and let me tell you it tastes so good.
  2. GROUND BEEF CHEESE DIP from Mastercook:  This is a cheese dip with an incredible twist.  You can simplify by just using taco seasoned ground beef, 2 blocks of Velveeta cheese, and Tostitos mild or hot salsa dip.
  3. WAFFLE FRY NACHOS from Wine And Glue:  Replace the typical tortilla chips with waffle fries and add taco seasoned ground beef or replace the ground beef with taco seasoned grilled chicken strips.
  4. BUFFALO CHICKEN MEATBALLS from Tidy Mom:  These are so easy to make.  You can make these buffalo chicken meatballs in under 30 minutes.
  5. LOADED TATER TOT SKEWERS from Made With Happy:  This appetizer will no doubt be a big hit.  Because who doesn’t love tots or BACON!

**It’s a lot easier to use a slow cooker for the dips because it keeps warm.  But I have used a regular pot and I just pour the dip in a bowl and heat in the microwave as needed.


I have a combination of both oily and dry skin.  Of course in the winter my skin gets extra dry.  So I’ve listed some of my favorite beauty products that keep my skin glowing!  I am so the type of girl who loves to take care of my skin and now loves makeup but a lot of times can’t afford to buy all these high end products.  So most of the products that I use and try are drug store beauty products.  I also love trying DIY skin care products because I love knowing I can make my own skin care products from ingredients that I have at home or that I can find for cheap at local markets or grocery stores.  Saving money and finding great deals on great products is my thing, so I hate spending big bucks on products that I end up not liking as much as I thought or products that I don’t feel work for me.

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