My son is 18 months old.  I have been trying to rid him of the baby bottle since he turned 12 months.  It has been the hardest thing to do.  I’ve always heard that boys take a lot longer and are a lot harder to train or do certain things with.  I now believe that is true.  I recall that with my daughter all I did was throw away her baby bottles, I filled a sippy cup with milk, she tasted it and that was that.  Didn’t care that it was in a different cup.

With my son however I have tried throwing his last 2 baby bottles away over and over again and always have to dig back in the trash for them.  He will not even drink milk from the sippy cups.  He just spits it out and cries and cries for hours.  Unfortunately we just moved out of state and so the apartment complex that we live in has very thin walls, so to prevent any complaints we have been budging to his requests and have kept him on the baby bottle to avoid those long nights of him crying hysterically.  It has been a real struggle with him.  I have been googling and reading posts on different methods to try and so far nothing has helped or worked for him.

I have started brushing his teeth especially since he is still on the bottle to avoid any tooth decay and luckily he loves it.  I am almost at the point of giving up and just letting him let go of the baby bottle when he wants to and when he is ready.  Has anyone ever just let it be with their kid/s by letting them just stay on it until they’re ready to switch over? During the day I do give him juice or water in a sippy cup and he will drink it.  The struggle is only with having him drink his milk in anything other then a baby bottle.

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  1. I remember these days like it was yesterday! I had a hard time getting my son off the bottle when he was little as well and then one night I decided to hide the bottles and tell him in the morning that they were all gone. lol Fortunately, he seemed to have gotten the point, and accepted the sippy cup. We were in Mexico at the time so I don’t know if that helped. lol

    1. I have pretty much tried everything, I’ve received some other tips so I am definitely going to try them because his teeth are already starting to stain. But maybe I’ll try that, going on a little vacation and taking the bottle away at that time to see if he will just forget about it lol

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