One of my biggest accomplishments has been graduating college.  I’m usually the type of person that when I set my mind to something, I am going to get it done.  No matter what it takes or how long it takes.  Regardless of the many ups and downs and the years that it took, I did it.  It is actually pretty crazy because when I was single and had no kids I was enjoying my college experience by making new friends and partying but my grades were not the best.  I had a “C” average during those first years of college.  When I became pregnant with my firstborn, it seemed nearly impossible to juggle school, work, and dealing with my all day morning sickness.  I also made up several excuses, I was doing bad in most of the classes that I was enrolled in during that time, so I decided to drop all my classes.  This was already past the withdrawal date so dropping would of course also have a negative effect on my average.  I felt like such a complete failure because I felt like the stereotypical young Mexican girl who got pregnant at an early age (21 yrs old) and I hadn’t even finished college or accomplished any of the goals I had set for myself.

It was also the lack of support that I received from my parents after finding out I had gotten pregnant.  They no longer would be helping me financially with school because I had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.  All my goals and dreams felt so unreachable.  I took about 2 or 3 semesters off and after I had my daughter I realized even more now that I had to keep going and I had to try even harder to get this done.  I had to do everything I could to get it done not only for myself but now for my daughter as well.  I enrolled and planned everything out according to my life at the time.  Fortunately at that time I had a job that was extremely flexible and understanding.  I reserved school time on weekdays as well as weekends.  This was time that I would lock myself up in the room by myself and focus on school work or studying, or I would drive to the school campus and do everything there so that I would have no distractions.

At times I felt so sad and depressed because I felt I was missing out on so much with my daughter.  This was truly the worst feeling ever.  I felt like such a bad mother at times.  One thing that actually helped me get through this time was the support of my husband.  He was there to help me by caring for my daughter as best he could while I was in school or had anything to do related to school.  It was a very difficult and stressful few years for us, seven years to be exact.  There were times where I felt so overwhelmed and exhausted with everything, there were times where I cried, and there were also times when I just wanted to give up already.  Luckily I was brave enough that when something negative happened or when any negative thought entered my mind I was able to push myself even harder because I made sure to remind myself that this huge sacrifice I was making now would pay off in the near future not only for myself but for my entire family.

Finally after seven years, and having my daughter and my newborn son with me, one of my biggest accomplishments had been realized.  Two weeks after giving birth to my son I was present at my graduation about to receive my diploma.  Being there to receive my Bachelor’s degree was such an amazing feeling.  My intention with this post is not to offend or belittle anyone because I know everyone goes through so many different life struggles.  I want this post to serve as motivation and inspiration.  For women to know that whether you have children or not, whether you have or don’t have the financial means in any particular moment, or whatever circumstance you feel is holding you back, just believe and have faith.  Believe and have faith that no matter how long it takes or no matter what it takes, there is a way.  It sounds cliche I know, but someway somehow you can accomplish what you want as long as you never ever give up!  Some things to always keep in your heart and mind to help get you through the process of achieving a goal that helped me are outlined below.

-Always think positive or see the positive side to something negative.  Think about the reward, or the sense of accomplishment that you will feel when you complete your goal.

-Find someone who is willing to support you through this experience, whether it’s your significant other, your mother, father, friend, or classmate  (someone to push and motivate you when you’re feeling down or someone to help you study).

-Learn to manage your time (especially if you have a family or a job).  This is critical you have to have a schedule or a balance of time, something that you can follow to know when you have free time to study and dedicate solely to school.

-Start your day with some type of motivation or inspiration, especially on those days where you feel so exhausted and feel like things feel impossible.  Below is actually a book of quotes that I read and continue to read to help motivate me.

Here is the book that I still keep today.  You can click on the picture for more info.

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  1. Your blog help me to realize that it’s okay to want something more as a mother. I felt like if I was to juggle school,work,and being a mother; I would be a bad mom because I’m not focus solely on my son. You know being a mom is job by itself and to see you actually accomplishing something is great. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I am so glad you feel inspired by this post LaSharia. One thing that I can definitely tell you is that it’s better to get it done while they’re young because they won’t remember you being gone and busy all the time. Always remember as well that your making a sacrifice now so that it will benefit you, your child, your family after you finish.

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