I have never really been great at budgeting.  Recently however, my family of four depends on one sole income.  So budgeting has become a “must”.  Now that I actually learned to budget I ask myself why I didn’t try this sooner.  To think of all the money that I could have saved is unbelievable.  I feel bad knowing that I spent up to $200 per week on groceries for a then family of 3.  A lot of the food that I purchased would spoil or expire before I even used it.  I tried to teach my daughter the importance of being grateful for the food on our table because there are so many families who can’t even afford it, yet there I was guilty of wasting so much food.

That’s why I vowed to myself I would learn to budget and by that I begin to learn how to meal plan.  I knew I for sure had to stick to this especially with my husband giving me a set amount to spend on groceries.  I almost thought it would be impossible to buy one week’s worth of groceries under $100 until I actually tried it for the first time.  It’s crazy because since I started budgeting and meal planning we started eating a lot healthier as well.  Of course we slip up here and there but I feel that’s ok especially with having kids that are really picky eaters.  The thing is now I buy what is necessary and not just want I want or crave.  Again here and there I do buy something that the kids or my husband and I are craving but 98% of the time I stick to what is on my list and if I know I have a few dollars left over then I will grab a box of ice cream or some type of dessert for the kids.

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