So it has been several months since I blogged at all.  First I had a few issues surrounding my laptop.  My husband dropped it and the hard drive was completely ruined.  He bought me a laptop a few days later and for some reason it was not working as fast as I needed it too.  He bought it from someone on Ebay so I figured maybe something was wrong with it.  Finally I got my new Mac a few months later but in the mean time I kept making up excuses of reasons I wasn’t inspired and motivated to write.  I finally realized that I just wasn’t content in the direction that I was taking my blog.  I felt I needed a few months off to really think about what I really wanted to do with my blog.  So finally after what has felt like an extremely long absence I am back and feel so refreshed and ready to work hard and create amazing content that hopefully many will enjoy and appreciate.  I

It’s a new year and so it feels like a new beginning for my blog and for making it the career that I have always wanted and dreamt of having!  With that said I have written down some goals that I want to accomplish and work more on for this new year.  I love new years because it honestly feels like I’m getting a new chance at life-I know I’m exaggerating.  I know I’m not the only one that feels this way though.

  1.  My first goal for this year is to be more active.  I have always been the type of person who hates working out.  Call it lazy or whatever you want but I’ve had enough of always feeling tired and out of energy.  Plus it sucks going on Instagram and looking at pictures of all these beautiful women with hot bodies (without surgery).  That motivates me to know I can’t have the body without working hard for it like they do.
  2. My second goal for this year is to spend more time with my kids.  Like playing more with them being more involved with them.  Even if at times all I want to do is sit and watch T.V. for at least an hour.  That hour is time that I am losing with them.  I want them to not remember the material things my husband and I give them but I want them to remember and think about the quality time we spent with them.  This goal is so so important to me.
  3. Set a goal for my blog and social media following.  I stopped blogging for several months and I know that the few followers I had probably left because there was no content being produced.  I understand it’s totally my fault.  So for this new year I want to set a goal of the number of followers I would like to have within a certain timeframe.  I also got rid of my Facebook because I just hated all the negativity on it.  So I now only have an Instagram and Pinterest so be sure to follow me.  I also want to set a goal to improve the content (pictures) I post on both and want to set a goal for a certain amount of followers within a certain time frame as well.
  4. Read more.  It’s been so long since I felt I’ve had actual time to relax or feel relaxed and rested.  Theres always something going on whether it be with my kids or my husband or with anything or anyone.  I want to be able to find an hour of my day or even 30 minutes to just retreat into my bedroom (or restroom lol), turn off my phone, and just read a good book.  I want to read more because I find tranquility in reading.
  5. I want to create some type of business.  This is the most challenging goal that I have set for myself this year.  It’s scary because starting your own business is risky but I am tired of feeling scared.  I have to go for it I feel.  I always advise people to work hard for their dreams and for what they want and I need to start taking my own advise.  There are a couple of things I have in mind.  I just need to create a business plan and weigh all the pros and cons and most importantly have my husband get on board.

So there you go these are my top 5 goals for 2017.  Some are easier and seem more realistic to accomplish then others.  I just have to continue to work hard and dream big! I had a lot of challenges in 2016 and I also had a lot of doubt in a lot of what I was doing.  I had to take time off but I feel that is always a good thing.  Sometimes it’s needed in order to clear your head and to get our priorities straight.  I hope that everyone so far is having an amazing new year and that we all can accomplish whatever goals or dreams we have for ourselves for 2017!

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