I have a combination of both oily and dry skin.  Of course in the winter my skin gets extra dry.  So I’ve listed some of my favorite beauty products that keep my skin glowing!  I am so the type of girl who loves to take care of my skin and now loves makeup but a lot of times can’t afford to buy all these high end products.  So most of the products that I use and try are drug store beauty products.  I also love trying DIY skin care products because I love knowing I can make my own skin care products from ingredients that I have at home or that I can find for cheap at local markets or grocery stores.  Saving money and finding great deals on great products is my thing, so I hate spending big bucks on products that I end up not liking as much as I thought or products that I don’t feel work for me.

I’ve listed some of my current winter favorite beauty products.  Literally the only products I use on a regular basis.

Im curious to know what some of yall’s favorite winter products are.  Especially those of you that are like myself and prefer to spend less.

Moisturizer:  Clinique (Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion)

I actually tried this moisturizer last summer and didn’t really like it because in the summer my skin tends to get really oily and I felt like this made my face look and feel even oilier.  However living in Michigan my skin got extra dry in the winter and I decided to give it another shot since other moisturizers I was using weren’t enough for my dry skin.  Oh my gosh how I love this product now!  It’s the best thing that ever happened to my skin lol.  Seriously though this moisturizer gives my face so much life!  This is definitely my number one moisturizer for winter.  Great thing is it’s super affordable!

Foundation:  Maybelline New York (FIT me)

I had the same feelings toward this foundation as I did towards the moisturizer in the summer.  But again since my skin is so dry in the winter I tried it and love it.  I typically have trouble finding the right color foundation.  All the ones I get are usually lighter or darker but I just can’t ever seem to find the exact or the perfect color.  This foundation though is as close to my skin color as I have found so I love that.  I can wear this foundation without having to put any on my neck.  Again this product is also very affordable.

Concealer:  Maybelline New York (Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer)

Till this day I have not found the perfect concealer but currently this is my go to.  Maybe I just don’t know how to correctly apply and blend concealer (who knows) but every concealer I have tried for some reason doesn’t wow me.  So I am still in search of the perfect concealer but until then this is my winter go to.

Beauty Blender:  Real Techniques (Miracle Complexion Sponge)

Now this product is my all time favorite foundation and concealer blender.  Let me tell you I have tried $20 beauty blender sponges and I saw this at Walmart once and decided to give it a try.  Boy was I amazed at how good it blended.  It is as good if not better then the more expensive sponges I have tried.  Under $5 at Walmart.  You know I had to stock up on these!!  I love damping the sponge in the winter or whenever I want a dewy or glow.  Of course if I want a more matte base I just blend the foundation with a dry sponge.  This beauty sponge is everything though!

Mascara:  Maybelline New York (The Mega Plush Volum Express)

This mascara is everything!  Rarely do I use fake eyelashes and that’s because I’ve always had this fear of my eyelash falling off in front of a group of people and being totally embarrassed.  Don’t ask me why or how this came about because I am not sure but its serious enough to avoid wearing falsies lol.  My natural lashes are pretty decent sized though and this mascara works wonders.  I have people ask me all the time if I have fake lashes on.  It darkens them and really extends them.  I swear I should be doing eyelash commercials instead of paying all these models millions of dollars for sporting false eyelashes on these mascara commercials.

Eyeliner:  Revlon (Colorstay liquid liner)

I have been using this eyeliner for years now.  There was a time though that I ran out and could not find it at any drugstore for some odd reason.  So during those months I begin trying gel liners and other liners with a really thin brush.  I hated them so I actually stopped wearing eyeliner for  a while.  Luckily I found this eyeliner again and of course stocked up so I wouldn’t run the risk of not finding it again.  I love the wand because to me it’s just the perfect size to make thick or thin line.  It is also very dark and it does stay on except for when I am extra sweaty.  That is the only con but I find more pros so that’s why I love it so much.

Eyebrow Filler:  Anastasia Beverly Hills (Dipbrow Pomade)

The first time I was convinced into buying this product was when I ran out of the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil filler.  I was at Ulta and one of the sales associates filled in one of my eyebrows with the pomade and she did such a beautiful job.  That automatically convinced me of buying the pomade.  It took me a while to get the hang of it though.  It was so difficulty for me the first few weeks but finally I got the hang of it.  I still try different ways of filling and applying this pomade.  Sometimes I get thicker eyebrows and other times I got with thinner more natural looking brows.  All in all I think that this pomade is better then anything else I have tried for brows.

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  1. Moin!

    Ich mache mir im Augenblick Gedanken darüber, was für ein Diätmittel spannend wäre.
    Ich habe schon allerhand ausprobiert, jedoch absolut nie Erfolge gehabt.
    Auf was sollte man da vorzugsweise denken? Fabrikate, die zwar viel
    zusichern, am Schluss jedoch nichts dabei herauskommt, interessieren mich überhaupt nicht.
    Es kann doch auf keinen Fall sein, dass es Mio.
    von Zaubermitteln auf dem Markt gibt, aber nicht eins, das tatsächlich hilft.

    Über Empfehlungen oder Informationen würde ich mich sehr freuen

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

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