I hope everyone’s Easter Sunday was everything everyone wanted and more!  I know I was very excited to celebrate Easter Sunday although we didn’t have much planned.  All we wanted to do was just go to mass and go out to eat afterwards and just relax at home.  The day started off great.  We woke up early, ate breakfast, and we all were ready on time (that’s a first lol).  We even had time to take pictures before we left for church.  The whole family was color coordinated which is rare since my husband thinks its cheesy to do anything like that.  So of course I had to take advantage of that and get some pictures.

We headed out to church and knew it would be packed.  We decided to go to a different church then we normally go to because we attended this church last Easter and the service was amazing.  Plus it’s in a town called Mexicantown in Detroit and we were planning on eating out somewhere around that area after mass.

My husband was excited because my son was actually being quiet and this was wonderful for both of us because typically he is yelling and asking for his iPad or fighting with his sister.  Mass began and almost half way during the service some guy walks in.  Now this is a big church and it was pretty full, though there were a few spots in between some people.  We were sitting like 8 rows back from the very front.  This guy walks straight to the front and sits in the second row.  He is carrying a backpack and not to judge but for Easter Sunday usually everyone is dressed up in their best outfit, this guy is wearing all black.  He sits right by the aisle on the second row for about 5 minutes.

Suddenly he gets up and starts walking out.  My husband and I notice  that literally everyone starts to look his direction so my husband asks me why everyone is looking this guys way.  I tell my husband that I noticed that when he got up he left his backpack right in the front.  I can see people turn to each other and whisper and everyone just keeps looking in the direction of where the guy left this backpack.  At that point I begin to feel extremely nervous.  There are about 4 families who were seating in rows near us that get their kids and all their belongings and walk out.

It was at that moment when families started walking out that my husband looks over at me and asks me if I think we should leave.  I am freaking out, sweating, and I literally started trembling.  My daughter was sitting near the aisle and I ask  her to move and sit in the middle with her brother.  I whisper to my husband that I’m not sure whether we should leave or not.  I tell him that it is suspicious that this guy just walked in during the middle of service and sits for 5 minutes then leaves his backpack and walks out.  As a woman, we overthink everything and so I started picturing all these scenarios in my head and just kept feeling more and more nervous and scared.  I begin to pray to God, I tell him please don’t let this be anything bad.  I continue to talk to God and tell him I don’t want to judge anyone especially not while service is going on and then it be nothing bad.  I’m telling God I am sorry if I am committing a sin by misjudging this guy.

As I continue to pray to God I see this guy walk back to the front.  At this point I feel a sort of relief.  That’s because I think well if he had any sort of explosive in that backpack then he wouldn’t have come back.  Then suddenly this guy sits slouching back and puts on some black shades.  I see everyone again begin to look at him and he’s just got this smirk on his face.  I swear it looked like all the men in the front were like preparing themselves to jump on him or react incase this guy pulled out a gun or any type of weapon.  So this guy is just sitting with these shades on and the priest I’m not sure if he knows what is going on or not but he continued the service as excited as he started.

There was a man sitting behind this guy that finally poked him in the back and you could tell he let him know it was disrespectful to have his shades on during service.  I see the guy take off his shades and he begins to laugh.  Again everyone begins to look over his way.  At this point the lady sitting next to me looks at me and begins to whisper that she is scared and she’s thinking what if this guy has some kind of bomb or weapon in his backpack.  I begin to whisper my concerns to her as well.  Then suddenly this guy gets up a second time and walks out.  At this point my husband looks at me and says get your stuff we’re leaving.  He says to me I’ll take Bryan (our son) and you grab Ilyanna’s hand (my daughter).

So we grab our stuff and we walk out during the middle of service.  With everything going on we realized we were too scared and nervous that we couldn’t even pay attention to what the priest was saying anymore.  All of our attention and everyone else’s in the front was on this guy.  As we are walking out there are a few guys standing by the door and these are members of the church who help out.  I told my husband I had to let them know what was going on just incase they didn’t know and just incase something bad did happen.  I could’t just leave and something bad happened and I said nothing to anyone.  So I go up to one of the guys and whisper to him.  There is a guy that came in and walked out twice and left a backpack.  Hopefully it’s nothing bad but it scared a lot of families that’s why we are leaving.  He whispered back that they did see the guy and that others had gone to them with their concerns.  He told me the guy was sitting in the back to the right of us.  Neither of us turned to look.

At that point my husband tells me let’s go.  So we leave.  Luckily it ended up being nothing bad.  My husband thinks it could have been someone that just had mental issues or someone that was on drugs based on his erratic behavior.  We didn’t get to stay for the whole service but as we saw it, it was better to be safe then sorry.  We went to eat after and well yeah that was our topic of conversation.  Talking about everything that was going through our minds and what we were feeling.  Thinking about the safety of our kids and them being our main reason for leaving.  I hope everyones Easter Sunday was a lot less scary and stressful then ours.  What would you have done if you found yourself in this situation? Leave your comments!



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  1. I think I would’ve perd my pants lol That’s scary as heck! It would’ve been super hard not to judge because so many bad things have happened now a days, that you don’t know what to expect from anyone….

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