Hello Everyone!

So this is my first blog!  I have been dreaming of this for quite some time now.  And here it is finally a dream come true.  So I have some information on the “About Me” section of my blog but here I am going to go into more detail about the passion and desire that I had to start blogging.  So first off, I am quite new to social media.  I had a Myspace account when it was popular back then, and I also once had a Facebook account, however I decided for the sake of my relationship to get rid of it.  Crazy yes, but if you read some of my posts you’ll know the reason behind this.  Anyway, so I have always been great at writing.  Whether it was personal or professional.  I was always that girl that kept a huge diary when I was younger.  I wrote a lot to stay sane and to release what I was feeling since I never really trusted telling anyone exactly how I was feeling about things.  I have also been through a lot in my 28 years of life so I feel that the things I have gone through and experienced many women go through.  I feel I am someone that many other women can relate too, whether it be my relationship experiences, motherhood, weight gain/loss struggles.  I am a very honest person and will never ever pretend my life is perfect.  As imperfect as it may be I can only make the best out of the most precious moments and let women know that we all go through similar situations and struggles.  We can only share and encourage and support each other!