I hope everyone’s Easter Sunday was everything everyone wanted and more!  I know I was very excited to celebrate Easter Sunday although we didn’t have much planned.  All we wanted to do was just go to mass and go out to eat afterwards and just relax at home.  The day started off great.  We woke up early, ate breakfast, and we all were ready on time (that’s a first lol).  We even had time to take pictures before we left for church.  The whole family was color coordinated which is rare since my husband thinks its cheesy to do anything like that.  So of course I had to take advantage of that and get some pictures.

We headed out to church and knew it would be packed.  We decided to go to a different church then we normally go to because we attended this church last Easter and the service was amazing.  Plus it’s in a town called Mexicantown in Detroit and we were planning on eating out somewhere around that area after mass.

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So it has been several months since I blogged at all.  First I had a few issues surrounding my laptop.  My husband dropped it and the hard drive was completely ruined.  He bought me a laptop a few days later and for some reason it was not working as fast as I needed it too.  He bought it from someone on Ebay so I figured maybe something was wrong with it.  Finally I got my […]

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